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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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Piano concert


Thursday, May 31, 2018

  Meeting Hall 1
Chair: Lisa Rancan (Spain)

José Luis Balibrea Cantero (Spain)
Congress Honorary President
Chairs: Jiří Froněk (Czech Republic), José Luis Balibrea Cantero (Spain), Steven White (United Kingdom), Sooraj Motilall (South Africa)
09:15-09:30 OP-1 Thrombomodulin suppresses inflammatory damage due to liver ischemia and reperfusion injury in mice in TLR-4 dependent manner
Kentaro Kadono (Japan)
Discussant: Wolfgang Jungraithmayr
09:30-09:45 OP-2 Effect of anesthetic preconditioning with sevoflurane on MAPK pathways and apoptosis, in a lung autotransplant experimental model
Paula Corral (Spain)
Discussant: Charles Malata
09:45-10:00 OP-3 Organosulphur-enriched diet has protective potential on alcohol-induced liver dysfunction through influencing endogenous methane generation
Petra Varga (Hungary)
Discussant: Yuzo Yamamoto
10:00-10:15 OP-4 The efficacy of antioxidative nutrient-rich enteral diet against liver ischemia and reperfusion injury
Tomoyuki Miyauchi (Japan)
Discussant: Rene Tolba
10:15-10:30 OP-5 Neutrophil extracellular traps induced leukocyte adhesion in the muscle microcirculation
Yongzhi Wang (Sweden)
Discussant: Thomas Hubert
10:30-10:45 OP-6 Preconditioning by portal vein embolization an hepato‑protective strategy for extended hepatic resections
Maitane I. Orue-Echebarria (Spain)
Discussant: Mihaly Boros
10:45-11:15 COFFEE BREAK
Chairs: Jiří Froněk (Czech Republic), Thomas Hubert (France)
11:15-11:25 OP-7 Normothermic perfusion depletes inflammatory leukocytes in human donor kidneys
Tom Moore (United Kingdom)
11:25-11:35 OP-8 CCR2+ monocytes mobilized from spleen cause neutrophil extravasation during lung reperfusion injury
Ramiro Fernandez (United Kingdom)
11:35-11:45 OP-9 Pathway analysis of differentially expressed of genes/proteins in black South African PDAC patients
Ekene Nweke (South Africa)
  Meeting Hall 1
11:45-12:30 KEYNOTE LECTURE 1
Alonso Antonio Mateos Rodríguez (Spain)

Beatriz Domínguez-Gil (Spain)
Deceased donation and the Spanish miracle
12:30-13:15 LUNCH
  Meeting Hall 1
Chairs: Thomas Theologou (United Kingdom), Javier Arias- Diaz (Spain)
13:15-13:30 OP-10 The efficiency of acoustic radiation force impulse imaging for the staging of graft fibrosis after liver transplantation
Kenji Yoshino (Japan)
Discussant: Ignacio Garcia-Alonso Montoya
13:30-13:45 OP-11 The possible importance of breath methane detection in newborns
Eszter Tuboly (Hungary)
Discussant: Alonso Antonio Mateos Rodriguez
13:45-14:00 OP-12 CT Angiography assessment of DIEP flap perforator patency in abdomens with and without pre-existing scars
Ledibabari Mildred Ngaage (United Kingdom)
Discussant: Xavier Santos Heredero
14:00-14:15 OP-13 Tobacco smoking results in reduced pancreatic islet mass in Humans
Mikael Chetboun (France)
Discussant: Javier Arias
14:15-14:30 OP-14 Long-term surgical outcomes of T1b and T2 esophageal squamous cell carcinoma after R0 resection
Toshiaki Tanaka (Japan)
Discussant: Thomas Teologou
14:30-14:45 OP-15 ST2 as an indicator of morbidity and mortality in patients with advanced heart failure: Results of the one-year follow-up
Hadyn K.N. Kankam (United Kingdom)
Discussant: Jose Balibrea del CAstillo
14:45-15:00 BREAK
  Meeting Hall 1
15:00-15:30 KEYNOTE LECTURE 2
Chair: Jose Balibrea del Castillo (Spain)

Steve White (United Kingdom)
Pancreas Resection and Islet Autotransplantation
15:30-16:00 COFFEE BREAK
  Meeting Hall 1 Meeting Hall 2
Chairs: Borja Herrero (Spain), Sergio D. Paredes (Spain)
Chairs: Sooraj Motilall (South Africa), Xavier Santos Heredero (Spain)
16:00-16:10 OP-16 S-Adenosyl methionine decreases bacterial translocation and circulating levels of proinflammatory cytokines in hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury in Wistar rats
Pedro Muñoz (Spain)
OP-21 New drug, new problem – do hip fracture patients taking NOACs experience delayed surgery, longer hospital stay, or poorer outcomes?
George J.M. Hourston (United Kingdom)
16:10-16:20 OP-17 Prophylaxis against venous thromboembolism in cardiac surgery patients: is the risk assessment useful in clinical practice?
Ewa Zywicka (United Kingdom)
OP-23 Can C-Reactive protein be used to predict acute septic arthritis in the adult population?
Luke Thornton (united Kingdom)
16:20-16:30 OP-18 Ex-vivo lung perfusion regulates PPAR expression changes secondary to ischemia/reperfusion
Alberto Alonso (Spain)
OP-24 Base Excess is an early prognostic indicator of mortality in patients who sustain hemorrhagic pelvic Injury
Bilal Zahoor (Australia)
16:30-16:40 OP-19 Effects of renal ischemia-reperfusion and early or delayed remote ischemic preconditioning on hemodynamics, hemorheological and microcirculatory parameters in the rat
Gabor Varga (Hungary)
OP-25 Foot and ankle surgery: Are we getting it right the first time?
Maryam Jan (United Kingdom)
16:40-16:50 OP-20 Study of oxidative stress at intestinal level with treatment of extract of Himantalia elongata
Carolina Padrón (Spain)
16:50-17:00 BREAK
Chairs: Konstantinos Vakalopoulos (Switzerland), Francisco de la Gala (Spain)
Chairs: Thomas Hubert (France), Javier Hortal (Spain)
17:00-17:10 OP-26 CD26 is expressed in early NSCLC stages and qualifies as a target against lung cancer
Nanja Enz (Germany)
OP-33 Utilising pre-biopsy multiparametric MRI to stratify intra-operative difficulty of transperineal targeted prostate biopsy in the diagnosis of prostate cancer: considerations and feasibility
Joseph Norris (United Kingdom)
17:10-17:20 OP-27 Non-invasive, photoacoustic spectroscopy-based method to differentiate between mesenteric and pulmonary circulatory disturbances
Dániel Érces (Hungary)
OP-34 Evaluation of risks for posthepatectomy liver failure in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma
Hiroshi Nishida (Japan)
17:20-17:30 OP-29 The CD26/DPP4-inhibitor Vildagliptin suppresses lung cancer via surfactant-mediated activation of macrophages and NK cells in mice
Wolfgang Jungraithmayr (Germany)
OP-35 Complications from feeding jejunostomies after upper gastrointestinal resections
Nehemiah Samuel (United Kingdom)
17:30-17:40 OP-30 Modulation of JAK-STAT pathway by ex-vivo lung perfusion and/or sevoflurane
Luis Jiménez (Spain)
OP-36 The involvement of regulatory T cells for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma in cancer immunity
Hiroaki Fuji (Japan)
17:40-17:50 OP-31 Comparison of shear-strength of vascular anastomoses performed by various microsurgical suture techniques on biopreparates
Balazs Szabo (Hungary)
OP-37 Does surgical procedure type impact postoperative pain and recovery in deep inferior epigastric artery perforator (DIEP) flap breast reconstruction?
Alexander A. Azizi (United Kingdom)
17:50-18:00 OP-32 Three-dimensional printed anatomical models for surgical planning in thoracic surgery
Javier Ortega Vera (Spain)
OP-38 Comparison of short-and long-term clinical outcomes between laparoscopic and open gastrectomy for elderly patients with gastric cancer
Yuta Takano (Japan)
18:00-18:10 Discussion OP-39 No added oncological benefit from routine 'doughnut' histology after anterior resection
Muhammad Rafaih Iqbal (United Kingdom)
  Poster Area
18:00-19:00 POSTER SESSION 1
Chairs: Tomáš Pantoflíček (Czech Republic), Wolfgang Jungraithmayr (Germany), Jiří Froněk (Czech Republic), Borja Herrero (Spain), Konstantinos Vakalopoulos (Switzerland), Thomas Hubert (France)


Friday, June 1, 2018

  Meeting Hall 1 Meeting Hall 2
Chairs: Mohamad El Saegh (United Kingdom),Thomas Theologou (United Kingdom)
Chairs: Allan Tsung (USA), Yuzo Yamamoto (Japan)
09:00-09:10 VP-1 A quasi-solo hepatic parenchymal transection using a new energy device, Acrosurg®
Yuki Abe (Japan)
OP-40 The survival benefit of anatomical resections for colorectal liver metastases based on KRAS mutation status
Yoichiro Uchida (Japan)
09:10-09:20 VP-2 The LEAR technique for mitral valve repair in Liverpool. The lateral endoscopic approach for robotics
John Mykoniatis (United Kingdom)
OP-42 The impact of liver partition site on the hypertrophy of the future liver remnant in a rat ALPPS (associating liver partition and portal vein ligation for staged hepatectomy) model
Naohiko Otsuka (Japan)
09:20-09:30 VP-3 Resection of a myxoma from the left atria by mini mitral approach technique. A remarkable story of an echocardiografer
Shwe Yamin Oo (United Kingdom)
OP-43 Perioperative outcomes in elderly patients undergoing hepatic resection for hepatocellular carcinoma: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Elinor Tan (Australia)
09:30-09:40 VP-4 Tailored made robotic anterior resection and hysterectomy: A video vignette
John Mykoniatis (United Kingdom)
OP-45 ALPlat Criterion: A new criterion for resection of hepatocellular carcinoma based on a prediction model of posthepatectomy liver failure
Kojiro Taura (Japan)
09:40-09:50 VP-5 Minimally invasive Aortic valve replacement with aortic root and arch replacement
Aleksandra Bartnik (United Kingdom)
09:50-10:00 VP-6 Minimally invasive mitral valve repair with bileaflet prolapse
Ewa Zywicka (United Kingdom)
10:00-10:15 COFFEE BREAK
Chairs: René Tolba (Germany), Ignacio Garutti (Italy)
Juan Francisco del Cañizo Lopez (Spain),Mihaly Boros (Hungary)
10:15-10:30 OP-46 Anastomoses by circular staplers and barbed sutures are biomechanically equivalent to those created by simple interrupted sutures in porcine oesophagi
Christina Oetzmann von Sochaczewski (Germany)
Discussant: Thomas Hubert
OP-52 Consensus-based surgical case report guidelines: The SCARE Statement
Ishani Barai (United Kingdom)
10:30-10:45 OP-47 Evaluation study of a robotic-driven laparoscopic needle holder: Surgical performance and body posture
Juan A. Sánchez-Margallo (Spain)
Discussant: Jiří Froněk
OP-53 In order to establish a resilient facility against NBC or BCRNE hazards
Yoshikura Haraguchi (Japan)
10:45-11:00 OP-48 Autologous Platelet derived growth factors for non-healing ulcers
Maria Tsachiridi (United Kingdom)
Discussant: Jose Manuel Asencio
OP-54 The current state of simulation in training plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons: A systematic review
Hadyn K.N. Kankam (United Kingdom)
11:00-11:15 OP-49 Bridging repair of the abdominal wall with equine pericardium mesh coated with polyethylene oxide. An experimental study in a rat model
Alessandro Pasculli (Italy)
Discussant: Konstantinos Vakalopoulos
OP-55 Understand and Analyse: A new and fast approach to reach surgical competence using 30%PHx in rats as example
Uta Dahmen (Germany) CANCELED
11:15-11:30 OP-50 Evaluation of synthetic reticular hybrid meshes for intraperitoneal onlay mesh (IPOM) repair
Verónica Gómez-Gil (Spain)
Discussant: Thomas Theologou
OP-56 The Aachen Minipig and the Pietrain breed are largely equivalent models of infant’s surgical diseases
Christina Oetzmann von Sochaczewski (Germany)
11:30-11:45 OP-51 Kidney transplant graft continuous perfusion monitoring during the early postoperative course
Štěpán Malý (Czech Republic)
Discussant: Ignacio Garutti
OP-57 The role of mixed reality in minimally invasive urological surgery: Medical training and surgical assistance
Juan A. Sánchez-Margallo (Spain)
11:45-12:00 BREAK
  Meeting Hall 1
12:00-12:30 KEYNOTE LECTURE 3
Chair: José Manuel Asencio (Spain)

Allan Tsung (USA)
Academic Surgery: is this the right path for me?
12:30-13:30 LUNCH
  Meeting Hall 1 Meeting Hall 2
Chairs: Yuzo Yamamoto (Japan), Miguel Cainzos (Spain)
13:30-13:45 OP-58 S-Adenosyl methionine effect in hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury in Wistar rats
Bryan Hyacinthe (Spain)
Discussant: Ignacio Garcia Alonso
13:45-14:00 OP-59 Inter-Reader agreement in the reporting of multiparametric MRI for diagnosing prostate cancer
Joseph Norris (United Kingdom)
Discussant: Ignacio Garutti
14:00-14:15 OP-60 The systemic hemodynamic and remote organ microcirculatory effects of artificial carotid-jugular fistula in rats
Souleiman Ghanem (Hungary)
Discussant: Charles Malata
14:15-14:30 OP-61 Human uterus vascular anatomy: Review of literature with respect to uterus transplantation
Jakub Kristek (Czech Republic)
Discussant: Mark Hardy
14:30-14:45 OP-62 Ex-vivo lung perfusion attenuates inflammasome NLRP3 expression after non-heart beating donor lung transplantation
Alberto Calvo (Spain)
Discussant: Juan Francisco del Canizo Lopez
14:45-15:00 Discussion
15:00-15:15 BREAK
  Meeting Hall 1
Chair: René Tolba (Germany)

Mark Hardy (USA)
The Future of Organ Replacement and /or Organ Repair
16:00-16:30 COFFEE BREAK
Chairs: Mihaly Boros (Hungary), Manel Giner (Spain)
Chairs: Steven White (United Kingdom),Carlos Jimenez Romero (Spain)
16:30-16:40 OP-64 Thoraco-abdominal aortic repair
Mohamed ElSaegh (United Kingdom)
OP-70 Tgf-Beta induces Mir-100 and Mir-125B promoting Emt and stemness in pancreatic cancer
Adam E. Frampton (United Kingdom)
16:40-16:50 OP-65 The one-stage vertical scar LeJour pattern augmentation-mastopexy: indications, results and pitfalls
Niroshan Kumar (United Kingdom)
OP-71 Glypican-1 is enriched in circulating-exosomes in pancreatic cancer and correlates with tumor burden
Adam E. Frampton (United Kingdom)
16:50-17:00 OP-66 Liver Window: Intravita Microscopy (Ivm) in a Murine Model of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (Nafld)
Libertad Martin Prieto (Spain)
OP-72 Use of mesenchymal stem cells in an animal model of pancreatic cancer, expression of hedgehog signalling pathway and epithelial-mesenchymal transition genes
C. Vázquez Fernández (Spain)
17:00-17:10 OP-67 Iliac Endarterectomy: Old-fashioned or Renewed Method?
Jaroslav Chlupáč (Czech Republic)
OP-73 Intra-operative ultrasound to determine resectability during surgical exploration of primary non-resectable pancreatic cancer following induction chemotherapy
Eran Van Veldhuisen (The Netherlands)
17:10-17:20 OP-68 Effect and mechanism action of Coenzyme Q10 in microcirculation. Experimental model of epigastric flap in rat
Endika Nevado Sánchez (Spain)
OP-74 Postoperative outcomes in elderly patients undergoing pancreatic resection for pancreatic adenocarcinoma: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Elinor Tan (Australia)
17:20-17:30 OP-69 Surgical performance and muscle fatigue using a novel articulated laparoscopic instrument handle with rings: Study in a porcine model
Juan A. Sánchez-Margallo (Spain)
OP-75 Discovery of (novel) mutations that drive pancreatic tumorigenesis in a South African Cohort
Ekene Nweke (South Africa)
17:30-17:40 BREAK
  Poster Area
17:40-19:00 POSTER SESSION 2
Štěpán Malý (Czech Republic), Borja Herrero (Spain), Ignacio Garcia Alonso (Spain),Jaroslav Chlupáč (Czech Republic), Konstantinos Vakalopoulos (Switzerland), Sergio D. Paredes (Spain)
  Meeting Hall 1 Meeting Hall 2
Chairs: Péter Ónody (Hungary), Paco González Moraga (Spain)
Chairs: Charles Malata (United Kingdom),Juan Carlos Garcia Perez (Spain)
17:40-17:50 OP-76 In vivo decellularization of liver lobe using single liver lobe perfusion technique
Uta Dahmen (Germany) CANCELED
OP-83 The effectivity of self-training in surgical skil development using detailed morphologicaln and functional assessment of vascular anastomosis
Balazs Gasz (Hungary)
17:50-18:00 OP-77 Does a layer of PCL nanofibres improve a biocompatibility of a standard hernia mesh?
Barbora East (Czech Republic)
OP-84 Target study: the use of a radiopaque hydrogel during breast conserving surgery to improve target definition of breast radiotherapy
Gerson Struik (The Netherlands)
18:00-18:10 OP-78 Reduction of gastrointestinal nitrosative stress by exogenous methane: neuroprotection through xanthine oxidoreductase inhibition
Marietta Zita Poles (Hungary)
OP-85 Relationship between mastectomy weight and abdominal free flap weight in immediate breast reconstruction and the influence of adjuvant radiotherapy on the aesthetic outcomes – a single centre series
Tom Hughes (United Kingdom)
18:10-18:20 OP-79 Improved platelet function after methane inhalation in a large animal model of obstructive circulatory shock
Gábor Bari (Hungary)
OP-86 A comparison of the in vivo topography and vascular anatomy of the 2nd and 3rd intercostal spaces for internal mammary vessel exposure during total rib-sparing microvascular breast reconstruction
Rudo Madada-Nyakauru (United Kingdom)
18:20-18:30 OP-80 Utility of using trained dogs in the detection of lung cancer
Javier García-González (Spain)
OP-87 Immunohistochemcial expression of mammaglobin-A, Vegfr3 and Ki67 in human breast cancer pathology and 5-year survival
Deborah Wilson (United Kingdom)
18:40-18:50 OP-81 The roles of CT angiography and venous couplers in reducing operative times in microvascular breast reconstruction
Ledibabari Mildred Ngaage (Spain)
OP-88 Assessment of breast symmetry in breast cancer patients undergoing therapeutic mammoplasty using the Breast Cancer Conservation Therapy cosmetic results software (BCCT.core)
Rudo Madada-Nyakauru (United Kingdom)
18:50-19:00 OP-82 Diagnostic accuracy of ıncidental focal colonic uptake on18f-FDG PET/CT in patients with non-abdominal cancers
Yusuf Gunay (United Kingdom) CANCELED
  Meeting Hall 1
  Posada de la Villa
20:30-23:00 CONGRESS PARTY


Saturday, June 2, 2018

  Meeting Hall 1 Meeting Hall 2
Chairs: Mustafa Çikirikçioǧlu (Switzerland), Konstantinos Vakalopoulos (Switzerland)
Chairs: Ignacio Garcia Alonso (Spain), Patricia Duque (Spain)
09:30-09:40 OP-89 Vascular Enhanced Recovery Programme (Erp) - reducing length of stay and improving patient satisfaction
Katerina Kyprianou (United Kingdom)
OP-95 Effects of sevoflurane delivery on graft function in a model of porcine EVLP
Javier Ortega Vera (Spain)
09:40-09:50 OP-90 Variants of hepatic arteries origins
Yermek Turgunov (Kazakhstan)
OP-96 Peptidylarginine deiminase (Pad) regulates inflammation and tissue damage via neutrophil extracellular trap formation in acute pancreatitis
Milladur Rahman (Sweden)
09:50-10:00 OP-91 Factors influencing the timeline for complex endovascular treatment of aortic aneurysms with custom made endografts
Ewa Zywicka (United Kingdom)
OP-97 Evaluation of oxidative stress in gallstone acute pancreatitis
Pedro Silva-Vaz (Portugal)
10:00-10:10 OP-92 Dialysis access salvage
Zaheer Ahmed (United Kingdom)
OP-98 Platelet-dependent formation of neutrophil extracellular traps-microparticle complexes in acute pancreatitis
Raed Madhi (Sweden)
10:10-10:20 OP-93 Inferior vena cava thrombectomy for level Iv malignant thrombus combined with radical nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma: 2 cases
Robert Novotny (Czech Republich)
OP-99 The effect of hesperetin on inflammatory and oxidative status in experimental colitis model with Trinitrobenzene sulphonic acid
Fatin R. Polat (Turkey)
10:20-10:30 OP-94 An artificial neuronal network to predict vessel thrombosis after free flap breast reconstruction
Zeeshaan Arshad (United Kingdom)
OP-100 Klotho depletion may contribute to increased liver inflammation secondary to lung resection surgery
Mario Calvo (Spain)
10:30-11:00 COFFEE BREAK
  Meeting Hall 1
11:00-11:30 KEYNOTE LECTURE 4
Chairs: Antonio José Torres (Spain), José Manuel Asencio (Spain)

Sooraj Motilall (South Africa)
Research in a developing country - Challenges and successes
11:30-11:45 BREAK
  Meeting Hall 1 Meeting Hall 2
Chairs: Thomas Hubert (France), Antonio José Torres (Spain)
Chairs: Jiří Froněk (Czech Republic), Alonso Antonio Mateos Rodríguez (Spain)
11:45-11:55 OP-101 The levels of biomarkers of bacterial translocation during experimental intestinal obstruction
Dana Amanova (Kazakhstan)
OP-108 Modified Multivisceral Transplantation in rats for the study of Graft-versus-host disease and rejection
Francisco Hernández-Oliveros (Spain)
11:55-12:05 OP-102 Culturing and differentiating human gastro-oesophageal cancer tissue and their potential diagnostic and therapeutic significance
Mina Adam (United Kingdom)
OP-109 Hand assisted retroperitoneoscopic donor nephrectomies in Kidney paired donation program
Tomas Pantoflicek (Czech Republic)
12:05-12:15 OP-103 Multidisciplinary treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer. Management and results of reinterventions by recidiva. Second, third and fourth resection
Rocio Avellana Moreno (Spain)
OP-110 The safety and efficacy of splenic artery ligation in living donor liver transplant recipients
Yusuf Gunay (USA) CANCELED
12:15-12:25 OP-105 Sentinel node navigation surgery for early stage gastric cancer
Atsuo Shida (Japan)
OP-111 Modified multivisceral transplantation in rats
Francisco Hernández-Oliveros (Spain)
12:25-12:35 OP-106 The effect of the omental wrap on minimising gastroesophageal anastomotic leak after Ivor Lewis oesophago-gastrectomy
Maria Tsachiridi (United Kingdom)
OP-112 Orthotopic liver transplantation with reduced graft in adult situs inversus recipient
Jakub Kristek (Czech Republic)
12:35-12:45 OP-107 Surgery in Turkana: New tools applied to international cooperation
Carmen Hernández Pérez (Spain)
OP-113 An analysis of outcomes of resection for perihilar cholangiocarcinoma within the Mayo criteria for liver transplantation
Kojiro Taura (Japan)
12:45-12:55 Discussion OP-41Safety and cost-effectiveness of Laparoscopic cholecystectomy and Laparoscopic Common bile duct exploration (LCBDE) compared to pre- or post- cholecystectomy ERCP (PC ERCP), endoscopic sphincterotomy and retrieval of bile duct stones
Samir Sahay (United Kingdom)
  Meeting Hall 1


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